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Renee Sahatdjian is majoring in psychology at the University of Central Florida. She has participated extensively in campus programs, such as the Summer Research Academy, Lead Scholars Campus Engagement Leadership Track, and the Research and Mentoring Program. Renee is a past recipient of the Aqua Foundation for Women’s Scholarship, and a current UCF Scholars Award recipient. She is a research assistant in the Applied Cognition and Aging Lab, as well the Attention & Working Memory Lab housed within the Department of Psychology.

Her research interests focus on visual cognition, specifically collision detection and visuospatial representations in working memory. She is working on an independent research project with Dr. Mark Neider, which examines how the presence of distractors affects the ability to detect collisions. Renee intends to pursue a graduate degree in either human factors psychology or human computer interaction. In the future, she hopes to work in industry or government, in order to conduct research that will improve society.

Faculty Mentor

Mark Neider, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Major


Future Plans

Ph.D. in Human Factors Psychology


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences

Renee Sahatdjian