Shamon Williams


Shamon Williams





Shamon Williams is a student at the University of Central Florida majoring in psychology and english. She grew up in a small town of Rockledge, Florida. Her interests include: Psychology, creative writing, aerial dance, marching band, film and television and acting.

Faculty Mentor

Grace White Ph.D.

Undergraduate Major

Psychology & English

Future Plans

Industrial Organizational Psychologist


Does Distance Make The Heart Wander?: An Exploration of Sexual Desire, Satisfaction and Intimacy in Geographically Close Versus Long Distance Romantic Relationships.

Williams, S. Dorsainvil, S. & White, G. Ph.D.

The current study examined differences between individuals in Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) versus Geographically Close Romantic Relationships (GCRs)for relationship satisfaction, sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, and intimacy in order to alleviate possible concerns for individuals interested in LDRs. The study findings indicated that individuals in LDRs and GCRs are not significantly different on any of the variables of interest. Therefore, individuals considering long distance relationships or who are currently in long distance relationships may find some peace of mind about this relationship type.

Shamon Williams