Zhishan Guo


Machine Learning, Real-Time Scheduling


A collection of various research methods and concepts into Real-Time Scheduling issues being solved using Machine Learning and Neural Networks.


This paper aims to serve as an efficient survey of the processes, problems, and methodologies surrounding the use of Neural Networks, specifically Hopfield-Type, in order to solve Hard-Real-Time Scheduling problems. Our primary goal is to demystify the field of Neural Networks research and properly describe the methods in which Real-Time scheduling problems may be approached when using neural networks. Furthermore, to give an introduction of sorts on this niche topic in a niche field. This survey is derived from four main papers, namely: “A Neurodynamic Approach for Real-Time Scheduling via Maximizing Piecewise Linear Utility” and “Scheduling Multiprocessor Job with Resource and Timing Constraints Using Neural Networks” . “Solving Real Time Scheduling Problems with Hopfield-type Neural Networks” and “Neural Networks for Multiprocessor Real-Time Scheduling”

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