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Dustin Project


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Referral line: 407-701-9207

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Accompany students through the grieving process. Provide training for individuals who work with our community's youth so that they can be better equipped to help the population they serve. Students who have lost a friend, parent, sibling, or other significant relationship, receive services, at no personal cost, from a licensed or registered mental health professional. Dustin Project has provided over 300 hours of direct client counseling and has conducted grief training seminars for over 200 adults who are in a position to assist students who are grieving. Young people who otherwise would not have received any intervention have been spared the trauma of facing their grief alone. No other community mental health organization provides free, long-term intervention service to grieving young people. Serving Seminole, Orange, and Volusia Counties

Dustin Project can provide individual and group counseling for middle and high school students who are grieving the death of a loved one and live in Seminole County or the surrounding areas of Orange and Volusia Counties. Call to set up a referral.


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