A FUN-SCALE for Understanding the Hedonic Value of a Product: The Destination Context

Asli D.A. Tasci, University of Central Florida
Yong Jae Ko


"Fun" is one of the most frequently referenced sensory and hedonic phenomena in many different contexts of life, which merits scientific attention especially when consumer behavior is investigated with an experiential view of consumption. However, scientific definition and measurement of "fun" is virtually non-existent in literature. Thus, this study aims to develop a scale of fun with structural (underlying dimensions) and psychometric (reliability and validity) properties to assess the hedonic value of a destination as a product. Several stages of content analysis, data collection, exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis for scale purification resulted in a FUN-SCALE with 12 items assembling into four factors that were named social vigor, psychological zest, emotional spark, and flow.