As one of the fastest growing universities in the State of Florida, the University of Central Florida (UCF) is faced with the hardships placed on higher learning institutions across the nation. The increase of students paralleled by the increase of motor vehicles on the university campus, and the shortage of funding needed to construct the necessary parking facilities to support this growth, has left the University with a big dilemma, whether to try to overcome the parking space deficit by building the needed spaces to accommodate the demand, or provide a mass transit system that would reduce the number of vehicles on campus.

For the University of Central Florida, the second option seems to be the more logical one. The large number of apartments that exist off-campus, across from the university campus, compliment the on-campus dormitories. The parking spaces already available at these apartments could be used to satisfy the parking requirements of the university students living off-campus. For the project to be an option of consideration, an efficient transit system would have to be provided that could transport the students from the apartments to the university campus in a timely manner.

A Transportation Modeling Software Package was used to "model" the existing vehicle highway network and to simulate a transit network. The methodology used in the modeling procedure follows the four steps used in the Urban Transportation Planning Process (UTPP). These four steps are as follows: Trip Generation, Trip Distribution, Mode Choice, and Traffic Assignment.

In the Orlando area, the Orlando Urban Area Transportation Study (OUATS) has been used to provide estimations on the number of vehicle trips, on a daily basis, that occur in the different roadways. For the UCF area, modifications were made to provide the needed model that would give us the number of people that could be projected to use a transit system.

It is the intention of this study to provide an estimate of the ridership that would use an express transit system to the UCF campus with the help of the microcomputer.

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