Training Templates Utilizing Advanced Simulation


The feasibility of coupling direct practice with simultaneous exposure to a proficient model's behavior was tested using advanced simulation. A new technique was developed which optically superimposes an optimal flight path of an expert onto the trainees' display screen as they are attempting to perform the same maneuver. This method of presentation is called Simulation Model Overlay Display (S-MOD).The S-MOD method was compared to a Traditional Modeling approach and two other simultaneous exposure techniques, i.e., a Pursuit Tracking Model (subject is in formation behind an expert's lead aircraft) and a Window Model (subject is presented with a small window depicting the expert's view of the same task). Subjects, 57 university undergraduates, attempted to learn pitch and altitude manipulations as demonstrated by an expert during an approach to landing, using these various training methods. The S-MOD subjects attained the same level of performance as traditionally trained groups with less available training time.

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Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Symposium on Simulation, ANSS 1989

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