Submissions from 1999

A Simplified Approach For Developing A Multi-Modal Travel Planner, Mohamed A. Abdel-Aty

Using Conditional Probability To Find Driver Age Effect In Crashes, Mohamed A. Abdel-Aty, Chien L. Chen, and A. Essam Radwan

Random Neural Network Decoder For Error Correcting Codes, Hossam Abdelbaki, Erol Gelenbe, and Said E. El-Khamy

Matched Neural Filters For Emi Based Mine Detection, Hossam Abdelbaki, Erol Gelenbe, and Taskin Kocak

Mössbauer Spectroscopy Of Ferromagnetic Oxygen-Rich Dicalcium Cuprate Ca2Cuo3+Δ, Mahjoub A. Abdelgadir and Lee Chow

Etienne-Louis Fallot: Is It His Tetralogy?, L. J. Acierno

Louis Gallavardin., L. J. Acierno

The Two Views Of Small Firms In Industry Dynamics: A Reconciliation, Rajshree Agarwal and David B. Audretsch

Deconvolution Method For Two-Dimensional Spatial-Response Mapping Of Lithographic Infrared Antennas, Javier Alda, Christophe Fumeaux, and Iulian Codreanu

Two-Photon Absorption In Strong Fields, M. Alexanian and S. Bose

Comparison Of New Theoretical Models With Field Data For Double-Passage Laser Beam Propagation, Ammar Al-Habash, Jing Xu, and Arnaud Delaval

New Mathematical Model For The Intensity Pdf Of A Laser Beam Propagating Through Turbulent Media, M. A. Al-Habash and L. C. Andrews

Assessment Of Amplitude And Phase Modulation Performance Of High-Frequency Subcarrier Optical Communication Systems Based On Heterodyning Of Sideband Injection-Locked Semiconductor Lasers, Mohammed Al-mumin and Guifang Li

Old Friends, New Faces: Motivation Research In The 1990S, Maureen L. Ambrose and Carol T. Kulik

Discrimination Between Electronic And Thermal Contributions To The Nonlinear Refractive Index Of Sralf5:Cr+3, A. A. Andrade, E. Tenório, and T. Catunda

Influnce Of Nf On Ditribution System, C. Andrew and A. Rarsdall

Fade Statistics Associated With A Space/Ground Laser Communication Link At Large Zenith Angles, L. C. Andrews, C. Y. Hopen, and M. A. Al-Habash

New Theory Of Optical Scintillation For Moderate-To-Strong Fluctuations, L. C. Andrews and R. L. Phillips

Aperture Averaging And The Temporal Spectrum Of Optical Scintillations, L. C. Andrews, R. L. Phillips, and C. Y. Hopen

Theory Of Optical Scintillation, L. C. Andrews, R. L. Phillips, and C. Y. Hopen

Market Linkages Between The U.S. And Japan: An Application To The Fisheries Industry, Julie Ann Elston, James D. Hastie, and Dale Squires

Avoiding Drunk Drivers: The Level And Sources Of Protective Behavior, Brandon K. Applegate, Francis T. Cullen, and Pamela J. Richards

Detention And Desistance From Crime: Evaluating The Influence Of A New Generation Jail On Recidivism, Brandon K. Applegate, Ray Surette, and Bernard J. McCarthy

Variables Influencing Outcomes In Elective Aortic Reconstruction, Daleen Aragon, Rhonda Clancy, and Mary Lou Sole

Using The Analytic Hierarchy Process As A Two-Phase Integrated Decision Approach For Large Nominal Groups, Robert L. Armacost, Jamshid C. Hosseini, and Julia Pet-Edwards

Integrative Risk And Uncertainty Analysis For Complex Public Sector Operational Systems, Robert L. Armacost and Julia Pet-Edwards

Design And Analysis Of A Meso-Scale Refrigerator, N. S. Ashraf, H. C. Carter, and K. Casey

Design And Analysis Of A Meso-Scale Refrigerator, N. S. Ashraf, H. C. Carter, and K. Casey

A New Structure Design Of A Silicon-On-Insulator Mosfet Reducing The Self-Heating Effect, R. Awadallah and J. S. Yuan

Judgement In Learning-Curve Forecasting: A Laboratory Study, Charles D. Bailey and Sanjay Gupta

Needs And Supports Reported By Latino Families Of Young Children With Developmental Disabilities, Donald B. Bailey, Debra Skinner, and Vivian Correa

Unusual Magnetic Phases In Mnco Ultrathin Alloy Films, S. Banerjee, W. L. O'Brien, and B. P. Tonner

Mercurian Impact Craters: Implications For Polar Ground Ice, Nadine G. Barlow, Ruth A. Allen, and Faith Vilas

The Relationship Between Corporate Entrepreneurship And Strategic Management, Bruce R. Barringer and Allen C. Bluedorn

Extending Temporal Query Languages To Handle Imprecise Time Intervals, M. A. Bassiouni and M. Llewellyn

Modeling and evaluation of channel management for real-time multimedia connections in highway cellular networks, Mostafa A. Bassiouni, Wei Cui, and Chun Chin Fang

Dynamic Channel Allocation For Linear Macrocellular Topology, Mostafa A. Bassiouni and Chun Chin Fang

Measuring Client Satisfaction With Home-Based Respite Services, Mary Bear, Robin Griffin, and Margaret Sauer

The Client Encounter Form: Conceptual Development, Reliability Analysis, And Clinical Applications, Mary Bear and Lygia Holcomb

Client Satisfaction With Transportation And Handyman/Chore Services In A Pilot Shared Cost-Service Coordination Program, Mary Bear and Margaret Sauer

Fingerprint Identification Using Delaunay Triangulation, George Bebis, Taisa Deaconu, and Michael Georgiopoulos

Learning Affine Transformations, George Bebis, Michael Georgiopoulos, and Niels Da Vitoria Lobo

Genetic Search For Face Detection And Verification, George Bebis, Satishkumar Uthiram, and Michael Georgiopoulos

New Two-Photon Absorbing Fluorene Derivatives: Synthesis And Nonlinear Optical Characterization, Kevin D. Belfield, David J. Hagan, and Eric W. Van Stryland

Synthesis &Amp; Characterization Of New Two-Photon Absorbing Polymers, Kevin D. Belfield, Bruce A. Reinhardt, and Lawrence L. Brott

Nlo-Containing Polymers With Very Low Near-Ir Absorption, Kevin D. Belfield, George I. Stegeman, and Ousama Najjar

Nlo-Containing Polymers With Very Low Near-Ir Absorption, Kevin D. Belfleld, George I. Stegeman, and Ousama Najjar

Career Risk And Reward From Productivity, Evan M. Berman and Jonathan P. West

Using Performance Measurement In Human Resource Management: A Survey Of U.S. Counties, Evan M. Berman, Jonathan P. West, and Xiao Hu Wang

On A New Generalization Of Hardy-Hilbert'S Inequality And Its Applications, Yang Bicheng and Lokenath Debnath

Comparative Testing Of Virtual Environment Display Devices For Conceptual Design Reviews, Grace M. Bochenek and James M. Ragusa


Use Of Skew Rays In Multimode Fibers To Generate Speckle Field With Nonzero Vorticity, M. A. Bolshtyansky, A. Yu Savchenko, and B. Ya Zel'dovich

Stock Price Reaction To Dividend Increases In The Hotel And Restaurant Sector, Stephen F. Borde, Anthony K. Byrd, and Stanley M. Atkinson

A Note On Perceptions Of Finance Journal Quality, Stephen F. Borde, John M. Cheney, and Jeff Madura

Anharmonic Phonon Decay In Disordered Systems, Subir K. Bose, Sean M. Kirkpatrick, and W. M. Dennis

Evolution Of International Statistical Standards Via Life Cycle Of Products And Services, Michèle Boulanger, Mark Johnson, and Christophe Perruchet

Normalization Of Nexrad Antenna Gain For Overlapping Radars, Sami Boustany, Linwood W. Jones, and Takis Kasparis

Normalization of NEXRAD antenna gain for overlapping radars, Sami Boustany, W. Linwood Jones, and Takis Kasparis

Code Mixing In A Young Bilingual Child, Alejandro Brice and Raquel Anderson

Turning Frustration Into Success For English Language Learners, Alejandro Brice and Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin

A Profitable Trading Rule For Net Borrowers On Settlement Wednesday, Craig R. Brown, Mark D. Griffiths, and Wayne E. Hansen

Experiments With The "Oregon Trail Knapsack Problem", Jennifer J. Burg, John Ainsworth, and Brian Casto

Experiments With The "Oregon Trail Knapsack Problem", Jennifer J. Burg, John Ainsworth, and Brian Casto

Perspectives On Nursing In Rural Environments, A. Bushy

Use Of Project Impact® To Identify Factors Related To Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia, Jacqueline F. Byers, Lynette Tellefson, and Mary Lou Sole

Tgf-Β1 Expression Is Reduced In Hydrocephalic H-Tx Rat Brain, X. Cai, J. V. Pattisapu, and R. W. Tarnuzzer

Efficient Bandwidth-Sharing Technique For True Video On Demand Systems, Ying Cai and Kien A. Hua

Optimizing Patching Performance, Ying Cai, Kien A. Hua, and Khanh Vu

A Modified Nonlinear Galerkin Method For The Viscoelastic Fluid Motion Equations, John R. Cannon, Richard E. Ewing, and Yinnian He

Non-Linear Optical Properties Of Chalcogenide Glasses In The System As-S-Se, T. Cardinal, K. A. Richardson, and H. Shim

Component Fabrication And Testing For A Meso-Scale Refrigerator, H. C. Carter, L. C. Chow, and J. S. Kapat

Advances In Bulk Inorganic Nonlinear Optical Materials, Bruce H.T. Chai

Advances in bulk inorganic nonlinear optical materials, Bruce H.T. Chai

Fuzzy Artmap Based Classification Technique Of Natural Textures, Dimitrios Charalampidis, Michael Georgiopoulos, and Takis Kasparis

Simple Algorithm For The Removal Of Anomalous Propagation (Ap) From Nexrad Radar Images, Dimitrios Charalampidis, Takis Kasparis, and Linwood Jones

Do Rewards Benefit The Organization? The Effects Of Reward Types And The Perceptions Of Diverse R&Amp;D Professionals, Chao C. Chen, Cameron M. Ford, and George F. Farris

A Theoretical Model Of Wayfinding In Virtual Environments: Proposed Strategies For Navigational Aiding, Jui Lin Chen and Kay M. Stanney

Elimination Of Screech Tone Noise In Supersonic Swirling Jets, Ruey Hung Chen and Young Kil Yu

Unobserved Heterogeneity Bias When Estimating The Economic Model Of Crime, Todd L. Cherry

Performance Evaluation Of Position-Based Channel Reservation For Handoff Of Cellular Calls, Ming Hsing Chiu and Mostafa Bassiouni

Predictive Channel Reservation For Mobile Cellular Networks Based On Gps Measurements, Ming Hsing Chiu and Mostafa Bassiouni

Neural Network Processing For Adaptive Array Antennas, C. G. Christodoulou, A. H. El Zooghby, and M. Georgiopoulos

Design of a foldable low-loss microstrip array antenna, C. G. Christodoulou, P. F. Wahid, and Md M. Haque

A Descriptive Study Of Mentor-Protégé Relationships, Mentors' Emotional Empathic Tendency, And Protégés' Teacher Self-Efficacy Belief, Elaine Finlay Clifford

Mentors And Protégés: Establishing Systems Of Assisted Performance In Preservice Teacher Education, Elaine Finlay Clifford

Microstrip Antenna-Coupled Infrared Detector, I. Codreanu, C. Fumeaux, and D. F. Spencer

Ge-On-Si Approaches To The Detection Of Near-Infrared Light, Lorenzo Colace, Gianlorenzo Masini, and Gaetano Assanto

Prioritizing Components Of Concurrent Engineering Programs To Support New Product Development, Paul J. Componation, Dawn R. Utley, and Robert L. Armacost

Marketing Program Planning, Process Benefits, And Store Performance: An Initial Study Among Small Retail Firms, Jeffrey S. Conant and J. Chris White

Estimating The Lower Heating Values Of Hazardous And Solid Wastes, C. David Cooper, Brian Kim, and John MacDonald

Adaptively-Fit, Space-Variant Point Spread Function Model For A Spherical Lens Optical System, Thomas P. Costello and Wasfy B. Mikhael

Asymmetric, Space-Variant Point Spread Function Model For A Spherical Lens Optical System, Thomas P. Costello and Wasfy B. Mikhael

Restoration Of Digital Images With Known Space-Variant Blurs From Conventional Optical Systems, Thomas P. Costello and Wasfy B. Mikhael

Disputant Reactions To Managerial Conflict Resolution Tactics: A Comparison Among Argentina, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, And The United States, Russell Cropanzano, Herman Aguinis, and Marshall Schminke

Investigation On Recent Quartz-Like Materials For Saw Applications, M. P. Da Cunha

Intelligibility And Acceptability Of Moderately Dysarthric Speech By Three Types Of Listeners, Paul A. Dagenais, Christopher R. Watts, and Laura M. Turnage

An Ordering Algorithm For Pattern Presentation In Fuzzy Artmap That Tends To Improve Generalization Performance, Issam Dagher, Michael Georgiopoulos, and Gregory L. Heileman

Travel-Time Prediction For Freeway Corridors, Matthew P. D'Angelo, Haitham M. Al-Deek, and Morgan C. Wang

New Tools For Chloroplast Genetic Engineering, H. Daniell