Recent Measurements Of Material Constants Versus Temperature For Langatate, Langanite And Langasite


Measurements, experiments and extracted parameters of the material constants of langatate (LGT), langanite (LGN), and langasite (LGS) versus temperature will be presented from recent work conducted at the University of Central Florida. The data presented is from material grown by Crystal Photonics, Inc. and is part of a contract on growth, characterization and device implementation of these materials. Parameters presented include the material expansion and mass density coefficients, stiffness constants, and dielectric constants. A paper in this proceedings by R. Smythe, et.al., presents the determination of the piezoelectric constants. Discussion of the experimental technique using swept frequency scattering parameter data (S11) for obtaining pulse echo data, and capacitance measurements are presented. Comparison of results to previously published and current data on BAW and SAW parameters is provided. Important parameter contour plots for LGS and LGN slow-shear mode are given. TCF comparisons for several BAW cuts are presented.

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Proceedings of the Annual IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium

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