Serviceability And Ductility Of Psc Girders Strengthened In Flexure Using Cfrp Laminates


Most of the research conducted on using CFRP laminates for flexural strengthening of concrete girders is related to reinforced concrete (RC) girders. This paper addresses the behavior of prestressed concrete (PSC) girders strengthened in flexure using the same technique. An analytical investigation of a deficient girder is carried out. Three damage levels are assumed. The results for damaged and strengthened girders are obtained using a verified fiber section model that accounts for inelastic material behavior as well as the construction sequence including: transfer, composite action between the cast in place deck and girder, and time of CFRP installation. Moment curvature relationships, strand stresses at various loading stages, and ductility assessments are presented. It was shown that not only does CFRP laminate strengthening increase the flexural capacity of concrete girders; it also reduces strand stresses for postcracking service cases. Strengthened girders demonstrated a considerable amount of ductility although less than those of unstrengthened or undamaged girders.

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Proceedings of the Structures Congress and Exposition

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