Flexible Structure Monitoring And Fault Tolerant Control System: Actuator Fault Detection And Reconfiguration


Autonomous; Fault Detection; Flexible Structure; Reconfigurable Control; Robust Control


This paper focuses on the Autonomous Health Monitoring and Control System (AHMCS) for a Real-Time Model based Simulation for a Flexible Mechanical Structure with non-linearity (for example, Optical Mirror Focusing, Mirror Contour Control, Optimum Focusing of Solar Panels for better efficiency etc.). The AHMCS will provide real-time signal detection, fault mode diagnostic identification, control and system parameter correction for the flexible structure to autonomously operate in the uncertain environment indefinitely. This innovation, using a High Fidelity, Dynamic Model-based Simulation (HFDMS) approach will be advanced to implement a real-time monitoring and control methodology for the AHMCS. The unique element of this process control technique is the use of high fidelity, dynamic model of the flexible mechanical structure along with the actuator dynamics. The robust fault tolerant control framework designed will be applied to the autonomous control system methodology to reconfigure the system in the event of actuator failure, that will lead the system to become unstable, thus making the overall system achieve global stability.

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Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Control

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