A Virtual Test Bed Environment For Spaceports


Virtual test bed environments are the next S-curve of the computer-aided design (CAD) systems. These "advanced" CAD environments will combine not only the 3D solid modeling capabilities of the current CAD systems but will also seamlessly integrate models that represent the different stages of the life-cycle of a system. Virtual Test Bed environments are more adequate to study complex systems. One interesting characteristic of a complex system is that it is by default a system of systems. This system of systems is non-linear in nature and the interactions among the different components bring interesting emergent properties that are very difficult to visualize and/or study by using the traditional approach of decomposition. Spaceports are complex systems. Therefore, it seems logical to think that a virtual test bed is needed to host the different models that represent different systems and elements of a spaceport. These models in the virtual test bed will work in an integrated fashion synthesizing in a holistic view and becoming together a Virtual Spaceport. This Virtual Spaceport can be utilized to test new decision-making technologies and new operational processes. This presentation discusses current efforts at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Ames Research Center (ARC) to bring the concept of a virtual test bed to reality.

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