Making Carbon Nanotube Probes For High Aspect Ratio Scanning Probe Metrology


Carbon nanotubes (CNT) have exceptional mechanical strength at small diameters needed for measuring high aspect ratio features. Manually attached carbon nanotube atomic force microscopy probes have demonstrated considerable longevity. Unfortunately, due to the manual attachment process, and the usually arbitrary diameter and length of the used CNT, such probes are not suitable for high aspect ratio critical dimension metrology (CDM). For reproducible and accurate CDM measurements precisely defined CNT probes are necessary. We are reporting about the progress made growing carbon nanotubes (CNT) directly on top of standard Si probes. The goal is to produce well-defined long lasting probes for CDM measurements in the <100 nm pitch range. Our efforts currently focus on manufacturing aligned CNT having defined locations, diameters and lengths. This is accomplished by using plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition in combination with focused ion beam (FIB) patterning of catalyst films. Our results demonstrate that it is possible to manufacture 1:10 aspect ratio CNT probes at < 100 nm diameters.

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