Active Compensator To Improve Transient Response Delay For Future Generation Of Microprocessor


Normally, socket inductance is very small and it seldom influences the performance of chips. However, for new generation of microprocessor, the slew rate of load change is so large that the socket inductance response delay is dominant in transient response. The existing of a socket generates large voltage spike under such a load-change transient due to the current response delay of inductance. A novel active compensator is presented to minimize total voltage variation within 2.5% when microprocessor operates at 1V, 100A and 2A/ns of current slew rate with the package capacitance decreasing to less than one-half of Pentium 4 level. © 2002 IEEE.

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ICCDCS 2002 - 4th IEEE International Caracas Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems

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