Corrosion Properties Of Mosi 2+Si 3N 4 Nanocomposite In Acidic And Basic Aqueous Environments


The corrosion properties of MoSi 2+Si 3N 4 nanocomposites were investigated in acidic (1.0 M HCl) and basic (1.0 M NaOH) environments by potentiodynamic polarization measurements. MoSi 2, MoSi 2+2.5wt.% Si 3N 4, and MoSi 2+5wt.% Si 3N 4 were the compositions studied. From the electrochemical parameters of the polarization results in acidic environment, it is evident that formation of a protective passive layer is easier on MoSi 2+5wt.% Si 3N 4 compared to other samples, which was not observed in polarization behavior in basic environments. It can be argued that the corrosion protection behavior of MoSi 2+Si 3N 4 nanocomposites with varying Si 3N 4 content might be pH dependent. The electrochemical studies carried out on the samples in the acidic environment after exposure for various times (4 h, 24 h and 48 h) also showed that there was an increased loss of metal ions in MoSi 2, and MoSi 2+2.5wt.% Si 3N 4 compared to MoSi 2+5wt.% Si 3N 4. It is also evident that MoSi 2+5wt.% Si 3N 4 nanocomposite sample had a better corrosion resistance for longer exposure times in 1.0 M HCl.

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