Factors Influencing Distance Learning Intentions


Adoption; Distance learning; Technology-mediated learning; Use intentions


The growing use of the Internet, Web, email and other information and computer technologies has brought about increasing interest in using these and other technologies to facilitate distance learning. Many institutions see considerable potential benefit from distance learning. However, to gain these benefits, students must accept and engage in distance learning. In this paper, we use diffusion of innovation theory to examine factors that influence students' intentions to engage in distance learning. To this end, we developed and administered a survey, then analyzed the resulting data. Results indicate that students' perceptions of the relative advantage, compatibility, result demonstrability and voluntariness significantly impact their distance learning use intentions. Ease of use perceptions also impact use intentions, but this impact is only borderline significant. Visibility perceptions and subjective norms did not have an influence on use intentions.

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Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Informatics Education Research

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