Publishing Trends Of The Journal Of Human Factors From 1997-2004


Following up on previous analysis of characteristics of articles in the Journal of Human Factors, the current paper is intended to present a current analysis of articles published from 1997-2004. The paper examines all published articles across the following characteristics: year of publication, period of publication, general affiliation of authors, specific affiliation of 1 st author, country of origin of authors, technical group, and collaboration comparisons. This information illustrates the important contributors to research in the field, how much research is done within each technical group, and the characteristics of collaborative work produced. By making comparisons within the eight year period and comparing total data to previous trend analysis (Zavod & Hitt, 2000) this paper will illustrate the direction of human factors research. The information reported can provide a reference for professionals, students, and prospective researchers in identifying where research is taking place and burgeoning topics of interest.

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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

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