Temporalboost For Event Recognition


This paper contributes a new boosting paradigm to achieve detection of events in video. Previous boosting paradigms in vision focus on single frame detection and do not scale to video events. Thus new concepts need to be introduced to address questions such as determining if an event has occurred, localizing the event, handling same action performed at different speeds, incorporating previous classifier responses into current decision, using temporal consistency of data to aid detection and recognition. The proposed method has the capability to improve weak classifiers by allowing them to use previous history in evaluating the current frame. A learning mechanism built into the boosting paradigm is also given which allows event level decisions to be made. This is contrasted with previous work in boosting which uses limited higher level temporal reasoning and essentially makes object detection decisions at the frame level. Our approach makes extensive use of temporal continuity of video at the classifier and detector levels. We also introduce a relevant set of activity features. Features are evaluated at multiple zoom levels to improve detection. We show results for a system that is able to recognize 11 actions. © 2005 IEEE.

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Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision



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