Mmi-Based 2×2 Photonic Switch


Electrooptic; Integrated optics; Multimode interference; Photonic switch; Polarization independent; Semiconductor


We propose a robust, multi-mode interferometer-based, 2×2 photonic switch, which demonstrates high tolerance to typical fabrication errors and material non-uniformity. This tolerance margin is dependent upon the properties inherent to the MMI design and benefits from the high symmetry of the switch. The key design parameter of the device is to form a pair of well defined self-images from the injected light in the exact center of the switch. In allowing the index modulated regions to precisely overlap these positions, and by creating identical contact features there, any refractive index change induced in the material due to electrical isolation will be duplicated in both self-images. Since the phase relation will remain unchanged between the images, the off-state output will be unaltered. Similarly, offset and dimension errors are reflected symmetrically onto both self-images and, as a result, do not seriously impact the imaging. We investigate the characteristics of the switch under different scenarios using the finite difference beam propagation method. Crosstalk levels better than -20 dB are achievable over a wavelength range of 100 nm when utilizing this configuration. Polarization independence is maintained during device operation.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering



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