Frequency-Doubling Of Femtosecond Pulses In Walk-Off Compensated N-(4-Nitrophenyl)-L-Prolinol


Summary form only given. N-(4-nitrophenyl)-L-prolinol (NPP) is an organic molecular crystal developped by molecular engineering, that exhibits one of the highest phase-matchable second-order susceptibilities reported so far in the near-infrared spectral range (deff≈56 pm/V). However, the large spatial and temporal walk-off existing in NPP can limit severely the usefulness of the material away from the noncritical phase-matching (ncpm) wavelength and for shorter pulses. Here we show that subpicosecond pulses can be efficiently frequency-doubled and mixed in NPP with moderate pump intensities, by employing tilted pulse techniques. These techniques make use of the large Poynting vector walk-off exhibited by NPP crystals outside the ncpm. Such techniques are based on the diffraction of the input pump wave by a grating so that each spectral component is dispersed in a different direction, thus the resulting signal is a tilted pulse.

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Technical Digest - Summaries of Papers Presented at the Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference, QELS 2001

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