Extreme Responses To Virtual Environment Exposure


An emetic response (a.k.a. vomiting) is certainly one of the most extreme responses to virtual environment (VE) exposure. This unpleasant response is thankfully quite rare (approximately 1 -2%) but when it does occur, the individuals afflicted are generally quite distraught that something that looks akin to watching television can have such adverse consequences. This paper examines the experiences of individuals who have had an emetic response during or after VE exposure. An effort is made to both identify factors that may predict who vomits and characterize the extent of symptoms they experience. Results indicate that VE system designers may be able to reduce emetic response rates by streamlining user movement control and simplifying visual scene content. The results also indicate it may prove difficult with current measures to predict who will experience an emetic response.

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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

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