Generating Line-Oriented Flight Simulation Scenarios With The Rrloe Computerized Tool Set


Line-Oriented Simulation (LOS) is a scenario-based training and evaluation methodology used at airlines to provide trainees with practice, to evaluate their performance, and to validate their proficiency. LOSs consist of realistic flight simulation scenarios from preflight check to after-landing shutdown that are highly scripted. From 1997 on, the Federal Aviation Administration has supported the development of software for "Rapidly Reconfigurable Event Set-Based LOEs (RRLOE)." In this method, LOSs are created by combining phase-based event sets into a coherent and logical flight. The method is computerized, supports LOS development, and reduces the predictability of scenarios for the trainees. In 2000, the RRLOE software was distributed to airlines participating in the Advanced Qualification Program. In this demonstration, we describe the challenge of automated scenario design further, and show how the RRLOE tool can assist those that develop scenario-based training.

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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

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