Effect Of Flow Turbulence On Evaporation Rate Of A Single Droplet


Evaporation from single water droplets exposed to different turbulent flow regimes was investigated in this study. Identification of the primary turbulence parameters that are responsible for the enhancement of evaporation rate is the focus of this paper. Experiments are carried out at different air temperatures, free stream velocities, turbulence intensities, and initial droplet diameters. Turbulence was generated by. one of the several interchangeable perforated plates. Evaporation rate constants that were obtained from these experiments were compared against the corresponding laminar values, and were used to calculate enhancement in evaporation due to turbulence. Results suggested that when droplet evaporation is concerned, turbulence intensity is not the appropriate parameter to characterize turbulence. Turbulence intensity is not the appropriate parameter to characterize turbulence. Turbulence intensity of the free stream may not have much influence on the evaporation rate of the droplet. It is the total energy of the eddies smaller than the droplet that causes enhancement over the corresponding laminar free stream case. There is no enhancement in the evaporation rate if the initial droplet diameter is smaller than the Taylor micro scale regardless of what may be the value of turbulence intensity. © 2000 by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. All rights reserved.

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