An Efficient Algorithmic Approach To The Design Of Saw Coupled Resonator Filters For Design Automation


Design curves have been developed from the previous body of work concerning the design of SAW coupled resonator filters. These curves permit the investigation of design parameters versus filter performance relationships. When introduced into a closed loop design system, these design curves form the core capability of a design automation system. Specifications such as center frequency, insertion loss, bandwidth, group delay, and phase characteristics are input parameters into the algorithm set. The numerical algorithms presented in this paper, in conjunction with a set of design automation algorithms and verification algorithms, combine to form an automated SAW design system that will aid a SAW design engineer in rapid design development. Tradeoffs of accuracy versus execution times are studied. Since a design automation system requires many design iterations to converge to an acceptable solution set, efficient algorithmic approaches are required. The algorithms and programs developed in this paper will be available via the Interact. The algorithms and programs developed in this paper will be available via the Internet at: http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/̃mjm05082/ultra2000/.

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Proceedings of the IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium



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