Describing The User Experience Of Wearable Fitness Technology Through Online Product Reviews


Regular exercise has many health benefits, however a major problem in the United States is that Americans do not exercise enough to reap these advantages. Although there are many ways that one can be motivated to exercise, the use of wearable technologies such as fitness tracking devices show great promise as an individual, and cost effective solution. On the other hand, many people who try out these devices return them leading to lower than idea acceptance rates for these devices. We examined online product reviews for wearable fitness devices in order to discover which factors led to product acceptance or rejection. We performed a qualitative analysis of user reviews across many websites and devices followed by a quantitative exploratory analysis using stepwise multiple regression predicting users' experience. Overall, our results support that four high-level themes: usability, trust, motivation, and wearability determined a user's experience.

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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

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