Social Science

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Violet A. YoungFollow

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Doan Modianos

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Department of Psychology

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Project Abstract, Summary, or Creative Statement

Application of auditory distractor words in headphones on the task of translating a word seen visually on the screen. The distractor words will be presented in either the right, left, or both sides of the headphones. Bilinguals will be shown either English or Spanish words and will be given either English or Spanish distractor words as well. This research is investigating whether or not there is a bilingual advantage in this type of selective attention task. Only a couple papers have created a project similar to this one.


neuroscience, linguistics, neurolinguistics, selective attention, auditory, visual


Jan 1st, 12:00 AM

Auditory Distraction on Visual Translation: Language Interference in Spanish-English Bilinguals