Physical Science (i.e., Chemistry, Physics) and Mathematics

Faculty Mentor

Michael Hampton

Faculty Mentor Primary Department

Department of Chemistry

Year of Presentation


Project Abstract, Summary, or Creative Statement

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are commonly used as indicators of an organism’s health, among other factors. Traditionally, combinations of gas chromatographs (GC) and mass spectrometers are used to classify these but are prohibitively expensive and impractical. This project utilizes open-sourced technology to create a portable, low-cost device that detects and records the concentrations of VOCs and carbon dioxide. This will then be leveraged into the development of a portable GC, which will be characterized for field use. The GC is novel due to its use of a single sensor used to intelligently trigger and conduct analysis.


Gas Chromatograph, Portable, VOC, Volatile Organic Compound, Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs, Portable Gas Chromatograph, GC, Portable GC, Micro GC, VOC Sensor, SGP30, VOC Detector, Active Listener, Active Listening, Gas Chromatography, Portable Gas Chromatography, Field Research, Field Instrumentation, Portable Instrument, Analytical Chemistry Instrumentation, Field Sampling, Low-Cost Instrument, Open-Sourced Technology, Sensor


Jan 1st, 12:00 AM

Design, Construction, and Characterization of a Combined Mini-CO₂/VOC Sensor and Gas Chromatograph For Field Research


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