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February is Black History Month, and as we recognize past and present struggles of the Black community, we also celebrate Black excellence. The Black community is rich with history, identities, cultures, all of which include those who are LGBTQ+. Sometimes in underrepresented communities, the intersection of queer identity is erased, but we should always try to tell the full truth of an individual’s story to broaden minds and to educate. From Bayard Rustin, to Martha P. Johnson, to Wanda Sykes, to Frank Ocean, to Janet Mock, there are political and public figures who have revolutionized ways of thinking in our country. We must also keep raising awareness about the violence, laws, and systems that continue to marginalize Black men, Black women, and Black trans/non-binary people. Join us this month as we reflect on Black excellence and continue to lift our voices for those who are also LGBTQ+.

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PFSA Newsletter, Volume 05, Black History Month, February 2020



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