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This month I am inviting you to practice self care. Often times we get caught up in the everyday hustle and forget that we are beings who need to pause and do the work to be more whole. As someone who is a part of the LGBTQ+ community, learning to love myself did not come through the validation of others. Instead, it was being open to counseling, introspection, and leaning on my chosen family who wrapped me with love every time I had to face one of my fears. As the holidays approach and there is time to reflect, remember to be easy on yourself and to embrace the support of those around you. Whether it be your family, your chosen family, your friends, your therapist, or your partner—find what makes you happy and gives you peace. Allow for space to heal and love who you are where you can. While I know this is easier said than done for some of us within the LGBTQ+ communities, remember that PFSA is here to support and listen.

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PFSA Newsletter. Volume 03, Using Self Care, November 2019



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