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The Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens houses two fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox), a male and a female. C. ferox is an endangered species of Malagasy mongoose from the island of Madagascar. In October of 2018, an amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis) was moved across from the male and female C. ferox. This study was used to identify if the presence of P. p. orientalis would affect the stereotypic pacing behavior of the female C. ferox. Staff were also curious about the impact of daily-renewed enrichment on the frequency of pacing in the female. Our analysis showed the P. p. orientalis did not have a significant impact on pacing or behavior in the female C. ferox. The exchange of enrichment every day did not result in a significant difference in the frequency of pacing. Several solutions were presented to the staff to relieve the amount of pacing and to ensure successful breeding.

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Julie Sharpe is from Okeechobee, Florida and has earned her Bachelor's degree in General Biology at the University of Central Florida. Julie works in the Science and Planning in Conservation Ecology lab where she researches Black Bear behavior in the Wekiva River Basin. She also works on a conservation project involving the movements of the Florida Panther in the OK Slough State Forest, Corkscrew Regional Management Watershed, and associated areas. She plans to attend graduate school to receive her Master's and PhD. She would like to continue her research at a university to provide undergraduate research opportunities for her students. Julie wants to focus on the order Carnivora in her research but is open to expanding her experience to other members of the class Chordata.

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