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This paper will analyze the conflict between creditors’ inherent right for satisfaction of their outstanding monetary judgments and the difficulties that debtors confront in satisfying the outstanding award levied against them. To establish the theory that the civil justice system has “resuscitated” the antebellum debtors’ prison and infringed upon principles of civil liberties, this paper will examine evidence in a three-pronged analysis of economics, history, and a reflection on the American legal systems.

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Prior to his admission to law school, Andrew E. Weiner was a member of the U.C.F. Legal Studies department and graduated, with honors, in the spring of 2019. As a part of his undergraduate curriculum, he completed an honors thesis entitled Post-Judgment Recovery and its Effectuation on the Contemporary Debtors' Prison: A Treble Analysis on Collections Law in the State of Florida. Much of the insight tendered in that thesis was derived through his personal experience as the proprietor of a collections firm, Southern Judgment Enforcement & Recovery. Andrew aspires to practice in commercial litigation, with a focus on appellate matters that arise within that practice area.

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