Dr. Peter Jacques


Conservation strategies are necessary for cities to meet regional goals of sustainability, but commitments and collaborative efforts among influential stakeholders for economic and developmental growth frequently hinder conservation efforts. This study analyzes how planning documents influence conservation at the University of Central Florida (UCF). I use an inductive method of analysis to explore the stated conservation goals and commitments of UCF's Campus Master Plan. I then compare these objectives with the behaviors of the institution. This research indicates that the absence of collaborative efforts among agencies has resulted in UCF undermining its academic mission. Intensive land-use has sparked global environmental concerns to protect and restore lands of environmental significance, and institutions of higher education are considered essential in achieving such goals of sustainability. I provide two theories of social environmental change as well as two major components influencing the progress of conservation at UCF. Limited financial investments and excessive threats of amendments undermine conservation efforts at UCF. The Campus Master Plan lacks harmony between the Capital Improvements, Future Land-Use, and Conservation Elements. In UCF's Campus Master Plan, development encroaches upon environmentally significant lands. My research describes why issues of land management exist and how cooperative efforts among stakeholders can improve conservation at UCF while enhancing its academic and economic missions.

About the Author

Chelsea Piner is an environmental scientist, independent researcher, and aspiring archivist. She is a senior member of the UCF Political Ecology Lab and has participated in the UCF Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence (SURE). Ms. Piner's research focuses primarily on habitat loss, environmental policy, keystone species, and social causes of environmental change. Chelsea has authored and co-authored three educational research posters during her time in the UCF Political Ecology Lab.


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