Dr. Dan Ezell


This study investigates whether the instructional strategy of peer presentations positively influences English Language Learners' (ELLs') relationships with peers and their personal perspectives on their institution, the sciences, and public discourse. Data collection instruments included a pre- and post-sociometric survey to quantitate each classroom's social status, and a pre- and post-qualitative inquiry of appreciation concerning academic topics via oral interviews. Three ELLs from two learning environments participated in an eight-day intervention, comprised of 45-minute instructive sessions, to become proficient with an arrangement of scientific experiments. After the three ELLs presented these experiments to their classmates, analysis of pre- and post-sociometric results demonstrated an overall increase in friendships. Examination of the ELLs' oral interview responses indicated growth of enjoyment regarding their institution and speaking publicly. Discussed are suggested methods for using peer presentations in classroom instruction, in addition to potential for future research.

About the Author

Courtney Roy graduated from the University of Central Florida in December 2014 with a Bachelors in Exceptional Education, a minor in Psychology, and a Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification. While completing the Honors in the Major program, her research successfully won an HIM scholarship and an award at the 2014 Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence. Courtney has been accepted to study at universities in Cambridge and London, where she will earn a Master's in Applied Linguistics/Second Language Education. While there, she plans to continue researching the effects of peer presentations on student achievement. She is currently employed as a teacher for Brevard Public Schools.


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