Dr. Chrysalis Wright


Swearing is taboo in modern culture. Even though this habit is deemed negative, many people continue to swear frequently every day. The purpose of this study is to determine who exerts the most influence on one's swearing habits: one's family or one's peers? Seven hundred and sixty-three university students were asked via survey who (mother, father, siblings, friends, or peers) swore most frequently during their upbringing. These questions were compared through linear regression to measure participants' level of swearing. We anticipated that peers would have a more significant impact on one's swearing frequency. However, we found that an individual's mother had the highest correlational influence on swearing, although peers also had a significant relationship.

About the Author

Emily transferred to UCF from Dallas, Texas in the fall of 2014. Emily is a psychology and biomedical sciences major pursuing a career in neurology, immunology, or oncology. Emily plans on researching in the area of abnormal psychology, specifically schizophrenia. Community service is important to her, and she is very involved at Florida Hospital and Shepherd's Hope. She is an officer for the American Chemical Society and the Humanitarian Relief director for Volunteer UCF. Emily also loves painting, playing saxophone, and playing tennis.

Joshua is a third-year Psychology major at UCF. Originally a cheerleader from Delaware, he now has lived in Orlando since the fall of 2013, simultaneously taking classes at the Orlando and South Lake campuses. Joshua is currently the Vice President of the Western Region Psychology Club, which promotes his interest in research and love for the field of Psychology. He also enjoys pop culture, politics, and performing. Expected to graduate by 2017, he is actively working on an Honors in the Major thesis focused on the influence of social media on our cognition and behaviors. His long-term goal is to receive his MSW to help others as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Brianna Bishop is a senior at the University of Central Florida. She is completing her bachelor's degree in Psychology, and pursuing a career in Occupational Therapy. She is interested in pediatric development.



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