Chieu Nguyen


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Cardstock, designer paper, colored thread, ribbons


Growing up in a world without tablets and computers, reading and drawing have always been my favorite pastimes. As a child, I often dreamed about creating a fairy tale book using my own art, but I did not have the skill and knowledge to make it a reality. Now, after years of experience, I could finally fulfill what used to be a childhood dream. This project not only reflects my lifelong devotion to books and illustration, but also opens my eyes to a whole new way of viewing and presenting my work. Using a few simple tools, I was able to transform my two-dimensional painting into a three-dimensional object with a sense of depth and physicality that a flat surface could not achieve. Handcrafting was never my strong point, but through the making of this book, I have proven to myself that with enough passion and patience, I can overcome any challenges that stand between me and my vision.


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