Generation Y Travelers’ Commitment to Online Social Network Websites

Khaldoon Nusair, University of Central Florida
Anil Bilgihan
Fevzi Okumus, University of Central Florida
Cihan Cobanoglu


This study aims to develop a theory-based model of relationship commitment in an online social network (OSN) context for Generation Y travelers. An online questionnaire was sent to a systematic random sample of 12,000 students at six U.S. universities. A total of 513 respondents participated in the study. Study results suggest that perceived utility and trust are positively related to both affective and calculative commitment. In terms of the relationship between perceived risk and commitment dimensions, the lower the risk associated with OSNs, the more likely customers are to continue the relationship. This study highlights the pivotal role of affective commitment in developing loyalty to travel-related OSNs.