The Effect of Information Technology Steering Committees on Perceived IT Management Sophistication in Hotels

Cihan Cobanoglu
Baker Ayoun
Daniel Connolly
Khaldoon Nusair, University of Central Florida


The purpose of this study is to explore the impact of information technology (IT) steering committees on perceived IT management sophistication in hotels. MANOVA was used to test if there was a significant difference in the levels of IT management sophistication between hotels that have an IT steering committee than in hotel companies that do not have such committee. Results indicated that the hotels that have an IT steering committee have a higher level of IT planning, culture, integration, control, and organization sophistication. Such committees are of strategic importance to the overall success of the hotel in achieving not only its IT strategic objectives, but also gaining an edge over its counterparts in terms of the potential to maximize its return on the investment in technology. This is the first study of effects of IT steering committees on IT management sophistication in the hotel industry.