Testing the Structure and Effects of Full Range Leadership Theory in the Context of China's Hotel Industry

Zhenpeng Luo
Youcheng Wang, University of Central Florida
Einar Marnburg


This study examined the structure and effect of the Full Range Leadership Theory (FRLT) in the context of the China's hotel industry. Empirical tests through data collected from hotels in China indicate that the original western-oriented nine-factor Full Range Leadership Model represented by the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ; Form 5X) is not well supported in China's hotel industry, witnessed by the poor goodness-of-fit indices and the low reliabilities of the factors. Exploratory factor analysis shows that MLQ (Form 5X) can be reduced to a two-factor model in China's hotel industry with the support of much improved goodness-of-fit indices. Test results indicate that cultural and other contextual issues should be considered when applying a theory in a specific industry context. Implications and discussions are provided based on the results of the study.