Evaluating Students’ Experience and Satisfaction at a Hospitality and Tourism College Career Fair

Ady Milman, University of Central Florida


This study examined the experience of hospitality students who attended a semi-annual career fair at a large university located in the Southeastern part of the United States. The study assessed students’ perceptions of the value of attending the career fair and predicts what variables may indicate their level of satisfaction in the event. Data were collected through an online survey from 123 students and revealed that students would like to see more available jobs that appeal to them, to meet more industry representatives from various industry segments, and attract a greater variety of employers. Students’ level of satisfaction with the career fair was attributed to current availability of jobs that appeal to them, willingness of employers’ representatives to take their printed resume, and sufficient industry representation of the segment that the students were interested to pursue their careers. Implications for college career fair event planners, students, and recruiters are discussed.