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0:00 Introduction; 0:50 Biographical questions; 2:20 Family in the military; 2:50 Reasons for joining the military; 3:20 Joining the marines; 3:45 Parents reaction to joining the military; 4:10 Going to boot camp; 4:45 Boot camp training; 5:45 Special training; 6:15 Data networking training; 6:45 Basic day in Okinawa, Japan; 7:55 Main duties in Okinawa; 8:55 1st deployment to Iraq; 10:05 Typical day in Iraq; 11:10 Time spent networking; 11:55 Time between two Iraq deployments; 12:30 2nd deployment to Iraq; 12:45 Reasons for leaving marines; 14:15 Experiences in transition back to civilian life; 16:05 First glances on service; 17:30 Medals and achievements; 18:40 Progression through the ranks; 21:40 Effects on personal, academics, and profession since being in the Marines; 23:50 Academics; 24:50 Cultural changes in United States; 27:00 Central Florida experiences; 30:00 Present feelings on military service.