Veterans Oral Histories

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1:30 Who are you; 2:25 Earliest Memories; 3:59 Family; 4:45 Home; 5:50 Carrier in mind before Military; 9:45 Events that brought him into military service; 11 Basic Training; 12:12 Athletics Officer; 16:33 Stationed during service; 19:55 Average day on base; 21:50 Education of other men, option; 22:30 Option of Vietnam War; 24:20 Option of Vietnam War after service; 28:00 Helicopters; 29:30 Option of combat; 31:35 Communication with other Military friends; 32:10 Compensation for service; 33:00 What military didn't pay for; 33:15 Everyday reminders of service; 34:00 Family life vs. Service; 34:51 Rubber Ball story; 37:21 Relationship with higher officers; 38:41 Survival Training Story; 42:42 Helicopter Crash Story; 45:41 His experience in military compared to other men in military; 47:19 Helicopter Equipment; 47:51 Chasing eagles story; 49:34 Dead Alligator Prank Story; 50:31 Chemistry college class story; 52:09 Reaction of family to him joining military; 54:09 Touch football Championship; 56:21 Practicing dropping an A-Bomb; 56:00 Relationship with military after service; 59:36 St. Louis Trip Story; 60:41 Flight School Story; 62:17 St. Louis Trip Story (cont.); 64:17 Political Views.