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0:00 Introduction; 0:30 Educational background and family; 1:30 Early expectations of the Navy; 2:00 Joining the Navy and early career summary; 2:38 Boot camp and training; 3:20 Time stationed in Japan; 5:00 Mine sweeping school Charleston, NC; 6:00 Ranking goals in the Navy; 7:24 Time on the U.S.S. Oriskany aircraft carrier; 9:55 500 pound bomb accident and death of a friend - Korean War; 11:45 Shanghaied from the U.S.S. Oriskany to the U.S.S. Yorktown; 13:05 Receives orders to Alameda Air Force base, California; 14:10 Assigned to U.S.S. General Mann transport; 15:10 Ordered to U.S.S. Epping Forest mine countermeasures - Vietnam War; 15:48 Transferred to Great Lakes Academy, Illinois; 16:53 Receives the Navy Times Helm Award; 17:53 Assists with establishing ROTC camps in Orlando, Florida; 22:02 Working at Orlando General Hospital and Retirement; 23:35 Elaboration on duties at Great Lakes Academy, Illinois; 27:32 Staying in touch with old shipmates and the Oriskany museum; 30:22 Personal opinion on changes that should be implemented; 33:10 Makes E-8 Senior Chief rank; 33:40 Training recruits; 36:23 No dull time in the Navy, common accidents and rescuing pilots; 41:27 Feelings on the modern media's portrayal of the Navy; 43:30 Opinions on nuclear powered ships; 45:30 Conclusion.