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0:00-0:25 Interviewer Introduction; 0:26-1:16 Childhood in Winthrop, Maine; 1:17-1:51 Joining the U.S. Air Force and Basic Training; 1:52-3:45 Serving in the Azores Islands; 3:46-4:59 Stationed in Montgomery, Alabama; 4:46-4:59 Cross-training to Diesel Mechanics; 5:00-5:15 McConnell Air Force Base; 5:15-6:01 Phone Call-Mr. Breton answers; 6:03-6:31 Marries 1st wife, 'Drinking and Drugging'; 6:32-7:03 Divorces 1st wife, moves back to Maine, marries 2nd wife; 7:04-7:55 Moves to Massachusetts in Sept. 1981, married 3rd wife. Now married 29 years. Got sober February of 1982; 7:56-9:54 Vietnam Vet Center, PTSD, guilt associated with not serving country in Vietnam. Other veterans tell him they are proud of him and that he should not feel guilty; 9:55-10:35 Best friend from military-Wally Brewer; 10:37-12:09 Married 29 years. Moves to Orlando, joins the Bunker, the Vietnam Veteran Memorial; 12:10-13:10 Concern about 'kids'-soldiers serving in present conflicts-in Afghanistan, Iraq; son-serving- parents' apprehension; 13:11-15:06 Motivating factors to join the military (USAF); 15:07-15:41 Father passes away; 15:42-16:29 How military changed him and appreciation for American flag and veterans; 16:30-17:23 Getting shot; 17:24-25:38 Ways the military changes you and life post military service; 25:39-28:59 Any additional reasons for volunteering; 29:00 Conclusion.