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0:34 Enlisting; 1:20 Reasons for choosing army; 2:45 Thoughts about job as linguist; 3:37 Locations served; 3:59 Favorite/Least favorite place served; 4:20 Equipment used; 6:49 Chinese involvement in Vietnam; 7:59 Normal days in intelligence; 10:36 Thoughts about leadership in intelligence; 13:29 Interesting days in Vietnam; 14:44 Difficulties with being in intelligence; 16:01 Thoughts about secrecy and stress related to job; 18:24 Code breaking; 19:59 Comparisons in technology; 21:47 Final thoughts on Vietnam; 1:27 Beginning of time served in Korea; 30:00 Tensions between North and South Koreans; 25:00 Thoughts about North Korea as a threat; 02:00 Interactions with North Koreans; 40:00 Thoughts about constant "battle ready" status; 00:00 Interesting days in Korea; 23:00 Final thoughts on Korea; 00:00 Contact with comrades after service; 47:00 Military service after Korea; 2:05 Service in Taiwan; 3:04 Reasons for leaving the military; 6:10 Final thoughts on overall military service.

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