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0:00 Introduction; 0:30 Background information; 3:00 Why the Army? 4:00 Getting used to Army life; 4:40 Details of Iraqi deployment; 5:50 Interaction with Iraqi civilians; 8:30 Duties of the deployment; 10:00 Enemy contact; 10:20 Platoon cohesion; 12:00 Communication with the homefront; 13:00 Security at the COP; 15:15 Recreation at the COP; 16:00 Coming back to the United States; 19:30 R&R; 22:30 Reintegration; 0:50 Did Iraq meet expectations?2:15 How they prepared for the deployment; 3:15 How they heard of the deployment; 4:10 RIP missions; 5:20 Geography/terrain of the AO; 6:10 Closing remarks.