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0:17 When and where were you born; 0:26 Service and highest rank achieved; 0:53 Service members in family and their influence; 1:23 Doing right before the Air Force; 2:06 Reason that he joined the Air Force; 2:51 Early days of basic training; 5:05 Adaptation to MP school; 5:20 First couple of years as MP; 7:15 Something else besides Georgia? Turkey. Different billets; 8:55 Duties performed during 1st Gulf War with Iraq; 10:33 Incoming missile to base in Qatar; 11:45 How long were you in Qatar; 12:05 What is missed from the Air Force; 13:20 For relaxation in Qatar; 16:55 Reception back home after the war, comparison to past conflicts; 20:00 Veterans groups; 20:07 Transition to civilian life; 23:00 Ended up being corrections officer; 23:35 Growth of Central Florida area; 24:20 Middle East culture v. American; 26:15 Interactions with different culture; 28:15 20 years of service, life lessons; 6:20 End.

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