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0:01 Introduction; 0:24 Life prior to enlistment; 0:42 Reason for joining the Navy; 1:07 Parents occupation; 1:30 Family's response to veteran's enlistment; 1:50 Boot camp; 2:05 ''Triple threat" -Choir, Drill, and Band; 2:48 Preparations for bootcamp; 3:28 Fort Meade Maryland; 3:40 Notification of deployment; 4:43 Feelings/reactions about being deployed; 5:20 Additional training- On the job; 5:53 Length of deployment; 6:25 Arrival to NAS Oceana- Souda Bay, Crete; 6:44 Not welcome at most ports during war; 6:55 Responsibilities during deployment; 7:30 Knowledge about Iraq prior to deployment; 8:20 Most memorable experience during deployment; 8:40 Adventures at port; 9:00 Air show at sea; 10:00 Expanding on his port experiences; 11:15 Ports docked at- Souda Bay, Crete; Koper, Slovenia; Cartagena, Spain; 11:35 MWR Trips; 11:58 Personal views about the war; 13:15 Personal Views did not conflict with ability to perform duties; 13:35 Contact with family and friends was not allowed during operation; 14:00 Occasional down time; 14:10 Night carrier vs. day carrier; 14:25 He was a part of the maintenance crew. Worked during the day; 14:30 Things done to pass time; 15:00 Reaction/feelings about end of deployment; 15:32 Another forward deployment in September; 15:38 Hurricane Irene; 15:55 Number of deployments; 16:10 Primary responsibility on the F-14 Squadron; 16:15 TARPS - Tactical Reconnaissance Pod System; 16:25 TARPS Decommissioned- duties afterwards; 16:40 Air warfare certifications; 16:45 Photo lab on base; 16:45 Squadron deployed while he was in photo lab on base; 16:53 Combat camera; 16:58 Could not be redeployed due to temporary assignment; 17:15 Reaction/feelings to not being redeployed; 17:25 Life after returning from deployment; 18:45 Best overall experience in the Navy; 19:40 Process of obtaining Air Warfare Qualifications; 20:25 Motivation to obtain Air Warfare Qualifications; 21 :30 Worst overall experience in the Navy; 22:34 Felt removed from the conflict; 23:05 Reason for not re-enlisting; 23:45 Service awards; 24:45 Feelings about service awards; 25:30 Life after the Navy; 25:55 School after the Navy - seeking nursing degree; 26:25 Reason for deciding on nursing; 26:45 Future goals; 27:30 Life in the service remaining a part of everyday life; 28:15 Navy responsible for changing life; 29:00 Navy responsible for opening up different world views; 29:10 Aware of foreign policies; 29:55 Conclusion.

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