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0:00 Introduction; 0:30 Early Childhood; 0:58 Enlistment in the Navy and reasons why; 2:50 Training as an electrician; 3:10 LST training and description; 4:15 Explanation of high turnout for submarine service; 5:30 LST training Continued; 7:19 Shipping overseas through Mississippi River from Pennsylvania; 11:00 Arrival at England and staging area preparations; 12:10 Training in Southern England for Invasion of Normandy; 12:30 Explanation of what LST -284 carried for the invasion; 13:10 Feelings about the upcoming invasion and how everyone dealt with it; 13:50 General Eisenhower came down to wish them well; 14:30 Invasion of Normandy (First Wave- Omaha Beach); 15:40 LCVP's are loaded with men and sent ashore; 16:00 LST -284 hits the shore and drops off all 6 tanks; 16:30 LST-284 turns into a medical facility for wounded; 17:45 Collected wounded and headed back to England for supplies (3 trips); 18:45 Repaired LST -284 in England; 19:15 30-day leave in the United States and then sent to the Pacific; 19:50 Ryukyu Islands staging area for the Invasion of Japan; 20:15 Kamikaze encounters in the Pacific; 21:45 End of WWII in the Pacific; 22:20 Total surrender of the Japanese; 23:00 Policing Tokyo after the surrender; 25:00 Sent back to the States and was greeted by everyone in San Francisco; 27:00 Arrive at Houston, Texas to decommission the ship and was discharged; 27:30 Free time in Tokyo during occupation; 29:15 Before the invasion of Normandy, took supplies to Italy; 30:00 Him and a few others took a jeep to Naples for ice cream; 31:11 How the Japanese felt about U.S. troops in Tokyo; 31:49 Explanation of comradely with ship mates; 34:15 Treatment after arriving back home; 34:40 Military medals and what they were; 35:45 Civilian life and going back to college for Electronics and reasons why; 38:52 Experience at RCA service company and Martin (later Lockheed Martin); 40:15 Retirement and veteran involvement within the community; 41:50 AWOL in New Orleans at Mardi Gras before shipping overseas; 44:12 Movie theater story in England.

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