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00:23 Biographical Information; 02:45 Influence to join the Army Air Force; 03:30 Applying for the Army Air Force; 04:45 Training as a flying cadet; 06:50 Basic aviation training; 07:00 Advanced aviation training; 08:20 Thunderstorm causes aviation accidents; 11:10 Assigned to 3rd recon squadron; 11:30 Hearing about the attack on Pearl Harbor; 13:25 Picking up their B-25s; 13:40 Sent to Mitchell Field; 13:47 Sub patrol over the Atlantic; 14:40 Sent to Langley Field; 15:25 Trained on B-24s; 15:35 Flying to join 480th Sub Group; 18:20 Friend gets Dengue Fever; 19:08 Trip from Brazil to Dakar; 25:05 Flying Anti-Sub missions from Morocco; 27:35 Royal Navy's friendly fire during convoy escort missions; 28:40 German U-boats torpedo a British convoy; 29:40 German U-boats and their changing strategies; 31:50 Encounter with two German Focke Wulf 200s; 33:40 Shot down during encounter with Focke Wulf 200s; 35:00 Supported Invasion of Sicily; 37:30 Navy takes over Anti-Sub Patrols; 38:55 Traveling back to Langley Field; 39:20 Sent to Clovis, New Mexico; 44:10 Transferred to training unit; 44:19 Learned to fly B-29s; 44:50 Trained B-29 pilots; 48:38 Command General Staff School at Fort Leavenworth; 50:20 Proposed military school for officers at Smoky Hill; 52:45 Career Intelligence Officer; 53:05 Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, Air Medal; 53:55 Awarded two Legions of Merit; 54:15 Serving with the Pentagon; 59:15 Attended Navy Language School; 59:45 Sent to Newfoundland as Chief of Intelligence at North East Air Command; 1:13:00 Leaving military as a Colonel; 1:13:10 Family life.

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