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8:10 Notice received from the draft board; 9:25 Introduction to the military; 12:51 IQ test and acceptance to the Army Air Corps; 13:25 Shipped to Atlantic City, NJ; 14:15 Basic training; 15:46 Shipped out to Seymour Johnson Field, NC; 17:35 Shipped out to Salt Lake City, UT; 17:39 Specialty Training: Radio school; 19:50 Specialty Training: Gunner school. Kingman AZ; 21:20 Shipped out to Ardmore, OK; 22:00 Bombing crew formed; 22:56 Notice given of oversea deployment; 23:05 B17 assigned in Grand Island, NE; 23:25 Flight to Europe: Refuel in Prescow, ME; 23:36 Flight to Europe: Goose Bay. Labrador; 24:42 Flight to Europe: Flight to Ireland; 25:15 Flight to Europe: Engine trouble. SOS sent; 27:15 Flight to Europe: Return to Goose Bay; 27:40 Flight to Europe: Left for Ireland; 28:10 Arrives to RAF Framlingham, England; 29:00 1st Bombing Mission: Pas-de-Calais, France; 30:40 2nd Bombing Mission: Berlin, Germany; 32:12 Shuttle Mission: England to USSR to Italy; 34:03 Post-mission interrogation by intelligence; 35:25 Flag Notice system for bombing missions explained; 36:50 Typical post-mission in Framlingham; 39:00 Weather Mission; 40:00 Weather Mission: Engine Failure, Fire; 42:20 Weather Mission: B17 Crew Bails Out; 43:00 FLAK Farm: Bournemouth, England; 46:50 Bombing Superstitions: Flying as a Spare; 48:30 Bombing Superstitions: Berlin, Germany; 53:20 32nd Mission to Hamburg, Germany; 55:45 Returns from overseas, arrives in New York City; 57:40 Shipped out to Reno, NV; 60:00 Shipped out to Fort Worth, TX; 1:00:25 Put into the base Motor Pool; 1:01:03 Shipped out to Camp Dix, NJ; 1:02:00 Honorably discharged from the service.

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